Sr Stanislaus Kennedy is receiving the Social Science award in recognition of her longstanding commitment and dedication to improving the lives and living conditions for the under privileged in Irish society. Sr. Stanislaus Kennedy, or Sr. Stan as she is affectionately known, graduated with a BSocSc and a MSocSc from UCD in 1969 and 1980 respectively. For almost fifty years now she has pioneered a range of inspiring social innovations to benefit thousands of people who have experienced exclusion in many forms.

Sr Stan was appointed as the first chair of The National Committee on Pilot Schemes to Combat Poverty in Ireland and Transnational co-ordinator in the European rural anti-poverty programme. In 1985 Sr Stan established Focus Point which is now Focus Ireland, the biggest national, voluntary organisation helping people to find, create and maintain a home.

In 1998 Sr Stan founded The Sanctuary, a meditation/spirituality centre in the heart of Dublin city, a place where people can find a quiet space and time for themselves to explore and develop their inner world and wisdom and find stillness.

Sr Stanislaus Kennedy
Prof. Suzanne Quin & Sr Stanislaus Kennedy