About the UCD Alumni Awards

Celebrating the diversity & success of UCD’s exceptional alumni

The UCD Alumni Awards were created to honour outstanding achievement in a variety of fields. The awards are presented at a black-tie ceremony in O’Reilly Hall, with an audience of distinguished graduates, friends and staff of UCD.

The awards are voted on by UCD’s vast body of alumni, numbering almost 300,000, living in 184 countries around the world, as well as students and staff. The success of the Alumni Awards shows that the UCD network is thriving, influential and truly international – and it’s a reminder to the University’s current student population that the benefits of studying at UCD can last a lifetime.

As students, our alumni made lifelong connections with their classmates and with this institution. The UCD Alumni Awards celebrate this connection and are a testament to just how important our alumni are to us.

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UCD Alumni Awards Highlights 2022

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