Evelyn Cusack is the recipient of the Science award in recognition of her leadership in meteorology in Ireland. Evelyn has a Bachelor of Science from UCD in Physics and Maths and a Masters in Physics. She graduated from UCD in 1979 and joined Met Éireann in 1981 to work as a forecaster. She is now Deputy Head of Forecasting at Met Éireann.

Evelyn has also been working as a weather forecaster with RTÉ since 1988. She regularly presents the weather forecast on RTÉ after the news broadcast. Her main role is in communicating the expected weather with the Irish public which includes providing timely warnings of severe weather in order to help save lives and property both on land and at sea. Evelyn is an avid member of the Irish Meteorological Society.

Evelyn Cusack
Prof. Joe Carthy & Evelyn Cusack