UCD Engineering Alumni Award Winner 2015

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Dr Dave Burke was awarded the UCD Alumni Award in Engineering in 2015 in recognition of the pivotal role he plays in the management of the Google android operating system, to make it the global force it is today.

Dave Burke earned a Bachelor of Engineering in 1997, a Master of Engineering Science in 1999 and a PhD in Electronic Engineering in 2003, all at UCD. As early as 2000, Dr Burke developed a service called “StreetWise”, one of the world’s first mobile maps applications. He subsequently became CTO of VoxPilot, a successful UCD start-up company. He is a renowned author and is named as co-inventor on several patents. As Vice President of Engineering (Android) at Google, Dave now leads a team of over 300 engineers. Based in Silicon Valley, California, the team continues to develop the Android operating system, which runs on over 80 percent of the world’s smartphones.

In April, he was appointed to an Adjunct Professorship at the UCD School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

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Dr Dave Burke
Prof. Andrew J. Deeks, Dr Dave Burke and Prof. David FitzPatrick