Professor Sarah Prescott, Sir David Cannadine, Professor Linda Colley and Professor Robert Gerwarth.
Arts and Humanities

Annual Lecture

Linda Colley, Professor of History at Princeton, visited Belfield in November 2018 to deliver the second UCD Arts and Humanities Annual Lecture in front of an audience of over 150 people. Organised by Professor Sarah Prescott, College Principal, it was hosted by Professor Robert Gerwarth, Head of School of History. Professor Colley’s lecture, “Inscribing a Modern World: Constitutions Across Histories and Literatures, examined the contagion and evolution of written constitutions throughout the world from the 17th century, right through to the present day. Professor Colley extracts the cultural, literary and political phenomena of constitutions, primed by war and print, while exploring the adaptation needed for the future, in the new and constantly changing technological environment.