Associate Professor Pat Felle, Dr Mick Molloy, Dr Linda Mulligan and Dr Qasem A M Qasem

Medicine Reunion

The Medical Graduates Association (MGA) Symposium and Gala Dinner was held at Belfield in May. Dr Mick Molloy, MGA President, welcomed over 33 classes, from the Class of 1962 to the Class of 2021. The distinguished Graduate Award was presented to Dr Linda Mulligan, Chief State Pathologist, Class of 2002. With over 180 alumni and guests in O’Reilly Hall, there was a wonderful atmosphere. The symposium in the afternoon included alumni speakers Dr Linda Mulligan, Professor Maccon Keane, Class of 1987, Dr Conor Maguire, Class of 1987, Dr Deirdre Lundy, Class of 1987 and Dr Ciara Kelly, Class of 1997. Topics of discussion ranged from ‘Dealing with Death – Forensic Pathology in Ireland’ and ‘A Multidisciplinary Approach to Managing Parkinson’s Disease’ to ‘From Medicine to Media’.