UCD Business Alumni Challenge – Around the Globe in 30 Days

In February 2021, the College of Business Alumni Relations Team launched a virtual active wellbeing initiative for alumni, Around the Globe in 30 Days. The challenge ran for 30 days with participants encouraged to complete a target distance of 100, 200 or 300km, by walking, running, jogging, or cycling, during that period. The objective of the challenge was to encourage alumni to invest time in supporting their physical and mental wellbeing, provide an opportunity for alumni to connect with each other and with UCD and to accumulate enough kilometres to circumnavigate the globe! The challenge was a fantastic success with almost 1,000 participants in over 40 countries across five continents clocking an incredible 88,000km during the 30 days, collectively circumnavigating the globe more than twice and having great fun along the way. Well done to all involved and we hope you will join the challenge again in 2022.

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