Alumni Volunteering

Activity this past year was as vibrant as ever as our programmes took a hybrid approach and volunteers offered their time to both in-person and virtual events.

The in-person highlight of the year was engaging an impressive 200+ person strong crew of dedicated volunteers on campus for the first on-campus UCD Festival in three years. The enthusiasm and support on the day captured the true meaning and energy of the UCD Alumni Volunteering Programme.

The UCD Alumni Buddy Programme continued to link international graduate students with locally based UCD alumni, providing them with friendly support particularly when they first arrived in Dublin. Before coming to Ireland, our Global Alumni Ambassadors supported potential students from around the world who are considering studies at UCD.

This past year, myriad mentoring programmes combined in-person and online mentoring with alumni mentors for nearly 500 students across all of UCD’s colleges. Our alumni mentors enable students to flourish and develop both personally and professionally by offering support on developing career ideas, clarifying goals and improving employability.