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Alumni can choose from a wide range of exciting courses and modules offered by UCD – and benefit from special alumni discounts too. Here’s a guide to some of the subjects and professional programmes on offer…


An opportunity to explore a subject without assessment

UCD’S DIVERSE ADMISSION pathways provide opportunities for everyone to become part of the UCD Community. It is at the heart of the University’s values and mission. Our Lifelong Learning Programme is a wide range of specific interest courses that are participative, engaging, and facilitated by experts in their field. Lifelong Learning courses cover a broad range of topics including Languages, Art Appreciation, Irish Studies, History, Literature, Philosophy and Writing. They are open to all adult learners and provide a unique opportunity to explore a subject without examinations.

UCD alumni can avail of a special ten per cent discount on all UCD Lifelong Learning courses.

This autumn, the Lifelong Learning programme includes language courses in Italian, Spanish and French, Art Appreciation courses in Impressionism, Art Nouveau design and Yeats: An Artistic Family. For History buffs, there’s a History of Dublin Through Virtual Walks and Talks, 1921-1922 Ireland War and Peace and a fascinating Global History of Latin America Through Objects, among others. There are eight-week Irish Studies courses, a four-week course on Introducing Conflict Resolution and a life skills course on Tai Chai and Mindfulness for Health and Happiness. And that’s just for starters!

The Lifelong Learning programme caters to an ever-growing community of around 1,400 Lifelong Learners and we encourage you to join us! All courses are developed in collaboration with experienced tutors, UCD Schools, and the wider community.


No exams, no assessments – the emphasis is on learning and participation.


Courses take place online or, if COVID-19 restrictions permit, on the Belfield campus or at cultural institutions including the DLR Lexicon, Collins Barracks, Hugh Lane Gallery and Pearse Library.


Cost of courses varies from €70 – €185, with most courses comprising six or eight weekly sessions. Check the course you are interested in for details.


Booking for autumn courses is open now, and booking for spring courses will open at 10am on December 1 2021.


For start dates and more information see or download the UCD Lifelong learning Brochure at or email


Transformational learning to drive business success

As part of Ireland’s leading business school, Smurfit Executive Development programmes are designed to provide the business leaders of today and tomorrow with a transformational experience. Ranked first in Ireland, 27th in Europe and 42nd in the world for our Open Enrolment programmes in the Financial Times Executive Education Rankings, Smurfit Executive Development helps executives, and their organisations create new opportunities to drive growth and create value. All our programmes deliver a 360-degree learning experience, providing participants with fresh insights on their professional and personal strengths, strategies for taking their leadership skills to the next level, and a network of peers whose challenges mirror their own. Programmes are structured to ensure that participants interact closely with both UCD faculty and other senior executives. Participants are executives with considerable experience, with each class assembled to reflect a stimulating mix of backgrounds. As a result, participants will gain a broader perspective on everyday challenges, as well as access to a wider network of executives around the world. UCD Business alumni can avail of a five per cent discount*.


The dedicated team of UCD Smurfit faculty are widely recognised as skilled educators, ground-breaking researchers, and accomplished authors.


The majority of diploma programmes are delivered over a series of six two-day workshops within a twelve-month period. Workshops are typically held on Fridays and Saturdays to minimise interference with busy work schedules; 100 per cent attendance is required.


Participants are assessed on a module-by-module basis through practical assignments.


Participants will be awarded an accredited Professional Diploma (30 ECTS at NFQ Level 9). For those who want to learn without assessment, there are a selection of non-accredited three-day short courses.


Our MSc in Business (Leadership & Management Practice) is based on a framework of diploma programmes. By completing three diplomas from our open enrolment portfolio, you will receive the qualification of MSc Business (Leadership & Management Practice) accredited and awarded by UCD at Level 9 on the National Framework of Qualifications. The MSc in Business & Executive Coaching is based around a framework of three coaching diplomas. By completing all three of these coaching diplomas, ideally within a five-year timeframe, you will be conferred with the qualification of MSc Business & Executive Coaching accredited and awarded by UCD.


We intend to revert to in-person teaching on campus in autumn 2021 unless COVID-19 restrictions are still in place.


Contact us on +353 1 716 8889, or email or visit

Diploma in Corporate Governance2 x 12-week Semesters over 9 MthsSeptember 2021€15,325 & €14,558*
Diploma in Organisational Change & Transformation6 x 2-day modules over 12 MthsOctober 2021 & February 22€7,945 & €7,547*
Diploma in Advanced Management Performance6 x 2-day modules over 12 MthsNovember 2021 & February 2022€7,945 & €7,547*
Diploma in Leadership Development6 x 2-day modules over 12 MthsNovember 2021 & February 2022€10,200 & €9,690*
Diploma in High Performance Sales & Business Development6 x 2-day modules over 12 MthsNovember 2021 & February 2022€7,945 & €7,547*
Diploma in Strategy Development & Innovation6 x 2-day modules over 12 MthsOctober 2021 & November 2021 & March 2022€7,945 & €7,547*
Diploma in Business Finance6 x 2-day modules over 12 MthsNovember 2021 & February 2022€7,945 & €7,547*
Diploma in Business & Executive Coaching16 days (6 workshops) over 12 MthsOctober 2021 & March 2022€13,315 & €12,649*
Diploma in Advanced Business & Executive Coaching2 days x 6 workshops over 12 MthsMarch 2022€9,225 & €8,763*
Diploma in Team Coaching5 x 2-day / 3-day modules over 12 MthsSeptember 2021€10,200 & €9,690*
Professional Diploma Programmes (MSc Pathway eligible)

*UCD Business alumni discount

Winning Negotiation Strategies3 consecutive daysNovember 2021 & March 2022€2,000
Leading for High Impact & Results3 consecutive daysNovember 2021 & March 2022€2,000
Building & Leading High-Performing Teams in collaboration with Leinster Rugby3 consecutive daysNovember 2021 & March 2022€3,000
Communication for Influence & Impact3 consecutive daysSpring 2022€2,000
Coaching for Impact at Work3 daysSpring 2022€2,500
Short Courses (Non-Accredited)

*UCD Business alumni discount


A flexible way of studying part-time at UCD

UCD’s innovative Open Learning programme makes undergraduate programmes available to all learners. Other than a motivation to learn, there are no entry requirements. As Open Learners, returning alumni can access almost 350 modules from UCD’s six colleges (see below), as well as the Applied Language Centre.

Open Learners enjoy the same status as all other students and access to UCD facilities, including libraries and study areas. The beauty of Open Learning is that it facilitates part-time learning to suit your schedule and your interests. Open Learning is for you if you need a more flexible study schedule. Open Learning is a great option if you don’t yet qualify for entry to an undergraduate degree or you want to get a feel for academic life before starting a full degree.

Open Learning is for you if you are interested in one or more of the module topics available and want to learn more from experts in that field. Open Learning allows you to select the modules you wish to study, set the pace of your study, and whether you undertake the module assessment. It also can lead to undergraduate degree entry in UCD if you are taking the Certificate in Open Learning (30 credits) or if you are a Mature Student you can take one module (five credits) in lieu of Mature Students Admissions Pathway (MSAP) exam.


For those who want to learn without assessment, an Audit option of every module is available. Those who wish to gain credits towards a degree programme can choose a Credit module, which will be counted towards a Certificate, Diploma or used as a pathway to a degree programme.


The vast majority of classes will take place online. Be sure to check out the module descriptors and how the module will be offered for the courses you are interested in before you sign up.


The fee for Open Learning is €375 per Audit module, €500 per Credit module.


Open Learning modules are subject to change and are available on a first-come-first-served basis.


For more details on each module and what you will learn and the assessment type, see

College of Arts and HumanitiesCollege of BusinessCollege of Science
Explore a wide range of arts subjects from across the humanistic disciplines from literature, music and history to film and drama and European languages. Choose from a multiplicity of modules from Ancient and Medieval World, Beginner’s Latin or Vikings in the Celtic World to an Introduction to Film and Media or Radicals and Revolutionaries and many, many more. Check out the School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics’ many options and The School of Music’s modules on musicianship.A number of business modules are available to the Open Learner from accounting and management to digital technology and web design, all designed to help you develop the technical and mathematical skills to analyse business data and intelligence. Learn about trends transforming the business landscape such as globalisation, technological change, and environmental sustainability. Modules currently on offer include Accounting for Non-Business Students, Project Management, the Global Marketplace and Data Analytics.The breadth of science courses available to Open Learners is quite amazing. Choose from Biology, Environmental Science or Biomolecular or Biomedical Science modules. Take up Chemistry or Physics or start a new journey with Mathematics or Statistics or go further and venture into Astronomy and Space Science with one of the modules from the School of Earth Sciences. The module Climate Change: Causes and Consequences is both topical and relevant. Check out UCD in the Community courses too.
College of Engineering and ArchitectureCollege of Social Sciences and LawCollege of Health and Agricultural Sciences
Three courses from the School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy are accessible to all Open Learners in the spring semester, January-May 2022. Survey Course 1 follows the development and metamorphosis of architectural, urban and landscape forms from antiquity to modernity. The Environmental Change and Policy module aims to introduce students to processes of environmental change. Landscape Theory and History provides an introduction to key concepts that underpin contemporary landscape architecture.Within the College of Social Sciences and Law, there are eleven Schools, each with many subject choices for Open Learners. There are too many to list here but among the academic areas to study are Archaeology, Economics, Education, Geography, Law, Information and Communication Studies, Philosophy, Politics and International Relations, Psychology, Social Policy, Social Work, Social Justice and Sociology. Check out the many interesting modules available to find just the right subject for you.Open Learners can avail of a huge number of interesting modules across a number of disciplines offered by the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems and the School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science. Choose from modules as varied as A Social History of Irish Healthcare and Introduction to Nutrition for Health and Exercise to Land Use and Environment, Plants and People and Introduction to Crop Science and many more.


For the ambitious career professional

For alumni seeking the opportunity to stay competitive and stimulated in the changing workplace, UCD Professional Academy offers a suite of choices. The Academy provides expert instructor-led courses via our interactive online study environment but students can choose in-person video classes if they prefer. We ensure you have an engaging and rewarding learning experience, giving you access to everything you need to succeed. As your course progresses, you can contact us about any questions, issues, or challenges to make sure you stay on track.


Learning logs and continuous assessment.


All courses are part-time and online, with the exception of one in-person week-long boot camp.


A professional diploma/certificate.


Contact the UCD Professional Academy Team at


UCD alumni can enjoy 15 per cent off our courses, please see details here:

Business and FinanceLeadership and
Digital and ITMarketing and SalesData Analytics
Our Business and Finance courses are amongst our most popular. Thousands have gained essential skills and practical knowledge in areas including Project Management, Office Administration and more.

Professional Diploma in Business Communications
35 Hours Full-time or Part-time. €1,500

Professional Diploma in Office Administration
36 Hours Part-time. €1,500

Professional Diploma in Digital Business Analysis
36 Hours Part-time. €1,500

Professional Diploma in Finance for Non-Financial Managers
30 Hours Part-time. €1,700

Professional Diploma in Supply Chain Management
36 Hours Part-time. €1,500

Professional Diploma in Fintech
35 Hours Part-time. €1,500

GDPR for Business
15 Hours Part-time. €1,500

Professional Diploma in Project Management
36 Hours Part-time. €1,500
Featuring practical techniques and real-life examples, our online courses which include Leadership & Management, HR Management and Change Management, will give both new managers and experienced professionals superior learning opportunities.

Professional Diploma in Leadership & Management
35 Hours Full-time or Part-time. €1,500

Professional Diploma in HR Management
36 Hours Part-time or Full-time. €1,500

Specialist Diploma in HR Management
72 Hours Part-time. €3,000

Professional Diploma in Performance Management
15 Hours Part-time. €1,500

Effective Presentation Skills
15 Hours Part-time. €850

Professional Diploma in Change Management
15 Hours Part-time. €1,500

Professional Diploma in Digital Transformation
36 Hours Part-time. €1,500
From the technical know-how you need, to the tools and techniques businesses want – our online courses in eCommerce, Graphic Design, Ethical Hacking, Cybersecurity and Full Stack Software Development will equip you with a diverse array of knowledge and skills.

Professional Diploma in Ethical Hacking
36 Hours Part-time. €1,500

Professional Diploma in Cybersecurity
36 Hours Part-time. €1,500

Professional Diploma in Full- Stack Software Development
600 Hours Part-time. €7,995

Professional Diploma in Graphic Design
36 Hours Part-time. €1,500

Professional Diploma in eCommerce
30 Hours Part-time. €1,500

CompTIA A+ (Core Series) Certification
40 Hours Part-time. €2,500

Professional Diploma in AWS (Solutions Architect SAA-C02)
30 Hours Part-time. €1,500

Professional Diploma in Digital Product Management
36 Hours. 12 weeks. €1,500

Professional Diploma in UX Design
130 hours. 6 months. €3,500
Kick-start your career development with our online courses in Digital Marketing, Event Management, B2B Marketing and more.

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing
30 Hours Part-time or Full-time. €1,700

Professional Diploma in Event Management
36 Hours Part-time. €1,500

Professional Diploma in Sales Management
36 Hours Part-time. €1,500

Professional Diploma in B2B Marketing
36 Hours Part-time. €1,500

Professional Diploma in PR & Marketing Communications
30 Hours Part-time. €1,500

Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing
30 Hours Part-time. €1,700

Professional Diploma in Content Writing for Marketing
36 Hours. 12 weeks. €1,500
Data Analytics is one of the most in-demand skills in Ireland right now. We offer a unique range of online courses – from introductory analytics through to deep industry specialisms.

Certificate in Introductory Data Analytics
40 Hours Part-time. €1,500

Certificate in Data Analytics for Marketing
40 Hours Part-time. €1,500

Certificate in Data Analytics for Business
40 Hours Part-time. €1,500

Certificate in Data Analytics for Finance
40 Hours Part-time. €1,500

Specialist Certificate in Data Analytics Essentials
80 Hours Part-time. €3,000