Thank you | Go Raibh Míle Maith Agaibh

Special thanks to our UCD Alumni Volunteers on International Volunteer Day 2023

Thank you for giving your time to support current students and the University. Your time, advice, experience and generous support is incredibly appreciated.

Your dedication makes a real difference and positively impacts our community.

Your commitment inspires others like you to give of their time, too.

Jennie Blake, UCD Alumni Relations

Thank You to our UCD Volunteers: An extra special group within a very connected community. I hope you know how much you contribute to the lives of our students, the richness you bring to the University and the strong sense of support you give to us.

Jon Weir, UCD Alumni Relations

Thank you so much to all our Social Sciences alumni volunteers this year – your time, your expertise and your willingness to help and guide future alumni in all sorts of different ways is so appreciated by us and our students! Have a great International Volunteer Day!

Lola Cullen, UCD Alumni Relations

A huge thank you for giving your energy, expertise and commitment to UCD, the Sutherland School of Law and our students. We really appreciate your contribution.

Melissa Byrne, UCD Alumni Relations

Thank you for giving your time to support students and UCD initiatives over the past year. We truly appreciate your dedication.

Cathy Brooks, UCD Alumni Relations

Thanks to our amazing alumni who have volunteered their time, expertise, knowledge & energy to the UCD College of Science and our students.

Theresa O'Leary, UCD in the Community

On International Volunteer Day, UCD in the Community would like to thank all alumni volunteers for the positive contribution they make to our university and to the wider society. Your kindness and commitment to volunteering does not go unnoticed! Have a wonderful Volunteer Day!

Niamh McGowan, UCD Alumni Relations

Míle Buíochas to all of our wonderful volunteers who help make UCD life a positive and enjoyable experience for all who they support!

Michelle Power, UCD Alumni Relations

From Kuala Lumpur to Chicago; Dubai to Perth – a huge thank you to all of our wonderful global volunteers who ensure that our connections and collaborations remain strong no matter where our graduates call home.

Suzanne Bailey, UCD Sport

Thank you to the many hundreds of volunteer committee members, coaches, managers, medical personnel and stewards who give of their time, expertise and enthusiasm to enable UCD sports clubs flourish and succeed. We really appreciate all that you do and would not be able to deliver club sport to over 11,000 students without you.

Hilary Minch, Zoe Liston and Grace OHara, UCDVO Team

A shout-out to the UCDVO community! Thank you to our 1,700+ incredible volunteers who have taken part in our volunteering & global citizenship programme and to the present and past board members who generously give their time and expertise to UCDVO. You continue to dazzle us with your energy, commitment and innovation.

Zuzana Voskarova, UCD Alumni Relations

Who can change the world? Volunteers, that’s who! Your commitment to the UCD Community is evident and your dedication is an inspiration to others. Thank you!

Catherine Blake

Thank you to all of the wonderful alumni of the UCD School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science who continue to support our School. We are so proud of you and our current students benefit hugely from your experience and inspiration. We truly appreciate your time and commitment.

Ria Flom, UCD Alumni Relations

A heartfelt thank you to all our wonderful alumni volunteers.  This quote from anthropologist Margaret Mead sums up why I believe volunteering is so important. She says, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” We appreciate all that you do to help change the world. Thank you, go raibh míle maith agat!

Dr Bridget Martin, UCD School of Classics

Thank you so much to all of the amazing Alumni volunteers who help make UCD such a vibrant and welcoming community! Your work is truly appreciated by staff and students alike! Thank you!

Sinéad Dolan, UCD Alumni Relations Assistant Director

To all of our volunteers worldwide – thank you so much for all that you do for UCD, your time and energy make a difference and is hugely appreciated!

Jude Canniffe, UCD Alumni Relations

A huge thanks to our alumni volunteers – the time and effort you each put in makes such a difference to UCD students, so on their behalf, thank you!!

Louise Delahunty, UCD Alumni Relations

My sincere thanks to our incredible mentors who are not only inspiring but inspirational. So wonderful for our students to have the opportunity to learn especially as you have been where they are now.

Colin Tannam, UCD Global

A massive thank you to the Alumni Buddy Volunteers for your commitment and support to international graduate students every year! You make a really positive difference to their experience in UCD and Ireland!