Help alumni to reconnect

Volunteer at UCD Events

The UCD Alumni team work in collaboration with colleagues across the University to provide a growing list of events including open days, lectures, panel discussions, dinners and social gatherings. We also organise public engagement events including the UCD Festival which takes place in early June.

If you would like to get involved in events, we would be delighted to have your support to secure speakers, organise the venue, welcome attendees and generate interest on social media. Let us know and we’ll keep you in mind for upcoming events.

Set up a special interest or affinity group

Your experience at UCD was not just about lectures, essays and exams. Maybe you played sports, maybe you loved the stage, maybe you took part in debates – there were many ways you were connected to your college mates and now there are many ways you can reconnect.

Special interest and affinity groups provide an invaluable network of ambassadors, advocates and supporters. As well as offering unique opportunities for building professional and social networks, our Alumni Groups are fun to be a member of and are a great way to stay connected to UCD. Together you can share memories, offer expertise and give to the UCD community in a meaningful way.

There are professional alumni associations including:

UCD Engineering Graduates Association (EGA)

UCD Medical Graduates Association (MGA)

UCD Women Graduates Association (WGA)

There are other groups which take an informal or formal structure and are lead by volunteers supported by schools, colleges, and the UCD Alumni Relations team. Groups can also be set up within companies as Affinity groups which aim to help connect you with colleagues who are also fellow alumni.

Help plan a Reunion or become a class agent

Reunions are a great way to help fellow classmates stay connected. Over the year there are many reunions organised including milestones such as Golden (50 years graduated) and Diamond (60 years graduated) alumni groups. There are also reunions for Law, BComms, and Medicine that take place annually.

For UCD-organised reunions, we engage alumni volunteers as class agents who reach out personally to inspire and encourage active participation in reunions, events and class gifts.

If you would like to help organise a reunion, or you would like to become a class agent, register your interest and we’ll put you in touch with the reunions and regular giving team to get started.

Connecting Internationally with Global Chapters

UCD has alumni in 182 countries around the globe. Global Chapters can help you reconnect with the UCD community and fellow alumni; no matter where you are in the world.

You can join an existing chapter to support the numerous events, social and academic, that are held throughout the year. These events offer an opportunity for alumni to meet, network and renew friendships. The time and effort alumni volunteers spend on this important work is greatly appreciated by UCD.

Why not set-up a new chapter in your city if there isn’t one already?

Support fellow alumni online

Join our online alumni network and outline how you are willing to help mentor alumni, offer advice, review CVs, open doors and make introductions, or even find a mentor for yourself.

The online career mentoring programme enables alumni or students to connect directly. Through the mentoring tools on the UCD Alumni Network they can request and maintain their own mentoring relationships in an easy to navigate platform.