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Congratulations Class of 2021. You did it! It has been a joy to share in your celebrations…

Competition Winners Announced!

A massive thank you to all of our wonderful grads for entering the #UCDGrad2021 Competition. It was a joy to share in your celebrations during conferring week. Whether you marked the occasion on campus, at home, or abroad, we hope you took the time to acknowledge this milestone in your life and to recognise just how far you’ve come since your first day at UCD.

The overall winner of the #UCDGrad2021 competition was Aghogho Sophie Okpara. And 21 Honourable Mentions were from Aine, Aisling, Alexandra, Assia, Ceithleann, Christina, Ciara, Donagh, Emma, Finbarr, Harry, Kate, Meng, Nikesh, Rhiannon, Sophia, Suzanna, Swarpa, Tola, and Vanilla.

This competition was open to UCD students graduating in 2021 from University College Dublin.

You can find all of the photo entries on Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) by searching the hashtag #UCDGrad2021. Be sure to follow @UCDAlumni while you’re there!

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Messages for you from the UCD Alumni Community!

The word alumni is a Latin word and is the plural of alumnus (masculine) and alumna (feminine). It is an inclusive word that refers to a group of former students who have either attended or completed studies. The term is not synonymous with graduate since someone can be an alumnus/na without graduating.

Once you graduate from UCD, you become a member of the UCD Alumni Community for life. Fellow alumni are here to welcome you, congratulate you on your achievements, and wish you well in your next steps!

Flip the cards!

Over the past few weeks we have been collecting kind words, sound advice, and short video messages from fellow alumni, your lecturers, and the wider UCD community…

A message from Eoin Lyons...

Eoin Lyons, MBA 2012

Congratulations on your graduation from UCD. It is a wonderful achievement in any circumstance but the class of ’21 have had to overcome the most incredible challenges to complete your programmes of study. That makes you all a bit special! I’m based in London and I’m part of the UK Alumni Chapter representing our University over here. I look forward to continuing our work in this vibrant market and especially to support any fellow UCD alumni in engaging in the UK in a personal or professional capacity. Enjoy your heard earned moment and well done. Eoin

A message from Gerald Fleming...

Gerald Fleming, BSc 1978 & MSc 1981

“What you have achieved is wonderful and what is ahead of you is even more so!”

A message from Joanna Siewierska...

Joanna Siewierska, BCL 2019

“Take this time now that things have slowed down a bit. Think about what you really want. Think about where you want to go. And then take that step!”

A message from Rosli Ahmad...

Rosli Ahmad, PhD International Marketing 2012

In the midst of this Covid 19 Pandemic – the world community has come together to brace the impact of this pandemic by putting aside race religion & country sentiments . Like they say – we are all in it together & together we shall prevail. There is always a positive side to every tragedy & the future will surely turn our to be brighter for all of your venturing into the working world after campus life . My hard felt congratulations to all of you on your achievements and not forgetting all those that make all these happened i.e our parents, families , friends & all the professors at UCD. May God shower you all with the blessings and happiness in your future endeavors.

A message from Gabriel Teng...

Gabriel Teng, BBS 2017

Hey Class of 2021! A quote from me (in Singapore) to you at UCD. “If you want to reach your goals and dreams, you cannot do it without discipline.” Please remember to always enjoy the process. Cheers 🙂

A message from Kevin Flynn...

Kevin Flynn, MB BcH BAO 1957

New and future graduates will be the investigators and discoverers in Science, Medicine and Microbiology to prepare you and your future families for more Pandemics.
Congrats and Good Luck

A message from Sierra Bower...

Sierra Bower, Study Abroad Alumna 2013

You’re about to embark into a new world, embrace that! People are hungry for change, and you can make all the difference.

A message from Gabriel Guckian...

Gabriel Guckian, BA Hons 1971

Enjoy the journey and its learning experience, for it may be more important and lasting than the ultimate destination. Remember to laugh as you learn and if you don’t already, do learn to laugh, and I almost forgot, learn to learn. Best Wishes.

A message from Yemi Ogundare...

Yemi Ogundare, MSc Rehabilitation & Disability studies 2011

Wow you all did it and made your family and friends proud after spending almost three semester on lockdown/online classes. Keep on aspiring higher because sky is not your limit. WELL DONE!!!.

A message from Sandunika Jayasinghe...

Sandunika Jayasinghe, BSc (Hons) Management 2020

A heart with desires can do anything. So get inspiration from your own dreamer!

A message from Ragu Raman Suresh Babu...

Ragu Raman Suresh Babu, MSc Digital Marketing 2020

Keep Networking from day 0. Equip with the market demanding skills along with your regular modules. Know your skills, know your market. This is crazy times, but this too will pass.

A message from Niamh O'Connell...

Niamh O'Connell, BA Hons International, French & Spanish 2000

The resilience you are developing this year will stand to you in your future careers. Take it one day at a time, follow your heart and you will enjoy it all.

A message from Tanvi Samel...

Tanvi Girish, MSc Computer Science 2018

Graduation isn’t the end of a journey, its a beginning of one. Have fun on yours!

A message from Pravar Agrawal...

Pravar Agrawal, MSc Computer Science 2016

“As long as you work hard, you’re doing the right thing and things will work out!”

A message from Ciaran Hynes...

Ciaran Hynes, BA History & Politics 1998

If you have Passion, Belief, Persistence and Gratitude… Ultimately you will be successful.

A message from D'Arcey Ann Jackson...

D'Arcey Ann Jackson, BA (hons) Pure Economics 1989

Congratulations everyone on this fantastic achievement! A very special congratulations to the students from the School of Computer Science. Wishing you a wonderful day full of celebration! I hope that you will come back to visit us and share your success stories!

A message from Anton Marinovich...

Anton Marinovich, MBS 2003

To quote Thomas Jefferson (US President): “I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”

A message from Pat Hanratty...

Pat Hanratty, BSc Information Management 1971

To thine own self be true (from Hamlet), but seek the truth always – there’s a lot of false stuff out there!. All the very best as you journey through life!

A message from Michael Patrick...

Michael Patrick, MA Ango-Irish Literature & Drama 1972

Be proud of your struggles and Scholarly achievement through this difficult pandemic. Be a lifelong learner, and always continue to explore and make better, this world that you are about to recreate. Nurture the artist in yourself, and always keep creating!

A message from Shruti Deepak Narkar...

Shruti Deepak Narkar, MSc International 2020

Take pride in how far you’ve come, have faith in how far you can go but most importantly don’t forget to enjoy the journey as you’re gonna enter into the most uncertain yet thrilling & exciting stage of your life!

A message from David O'Reilly...

David O'Reilly, BComm 2001

Stay in touch with all of your great friends from UCD as you develop your career and be sure to take care of your physical and mental health as you embark on a professional life, it can be a big challenge to get your foot in the door on your first job but it will happen if you believe in yourself and what you can do.

A message from Stephen Yuen...

Stephen Yuen, MSc Finance 2018

As long as you have the hunger for success, you will always have the power to achieve it!

A message from Clár Ní Bhuachalla...

Clár Ní Bhuachalla, MA 2013 & Director, Gaeltacht UCD

Guíom gach rath oraibh sa todhchaí, i bhur ngairmeacha agus i bhur saol pearsanta.

Go raibh tú daibhir i mí-áidh
Agus saibhir i mbeannachtaí
Go mall ag déanamh namhaid, go luath a déanamh carad,
Ach saibhir nó daibhir, go mall nó go luath,
Nach raibh ach áthas agat
Ón lá seo amach.

A message from Thalia Serena Leonard...

Thalia Leonard, MA in Theatre Practice 2019

Grads of 2021 – The world has been in an unprecedented state, yet you have persevered, educated and bettered yourselves. Your time at UCD has put you in good stead. Know that the strength of a global community is rooting for you. UCD is a special place and will continue to give you gifts for years to come, be it lessons learned down the road or connecting with fellow alumni. The possibilities now are endless and you will be supported by the UCD community if ever you need. Practice being thoughtful, open and curious – life will take care of the rest.

A message from Namrata Basu...

Namrata Basu, MSc Business Analytics 2019

This batch is a special one since it showed the whole world how virtual learning has a promising future and is as efficient as physical presence in the university.

A message from Shaunagh Connaire...

Shaunagh Connaire, BComm 2006

“The best advice I was given was life is not a dress rehearsal, you have to go out and get what you want!”

A message from Gillian Pye...

Gillian Pye, Associate Dean (Undergraduate), College of Arts and Humanities & Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer in German, School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics

Celebrate this moment, be proud of what you have achieved and embrace the new!

A message from Peadar O hUiginn...

Peadar O hUiginn, MB 1978

The important thing is to have a goal.

A message from Darragh Kelly...

Darragh Kelly, BA Arts 1994

Embrace college life in its entirety in a healthy, positive way. Get involved, get active, challenge your preconceptions and reach out to those who may find the transition challenging. I owe UCD so much…it informed so much of who and what I am today.

A message from Yifei Guan...

Yifei Guan, Undergrad Exchange Student 2014

Congrats on the big achievement of finishing school while battling with the COVID-19! You certainly deserve a cup of Guinness:)

A message from Alexandros Lampsias...

Alexandros Lampsias, MA European Politics & Policy 2017

In this era of uncertainty, fear, and even desperation and so many unprecedented feelings and experiences, there is hope in the distance. Things are getting better and hopefully will be even better in the months to come. You managed to overcome all the obstacles ahead of you and succeed your goals. No matter what you should be proud of yourselves. Like “The Smiths” said “There is a light that never goes out”. You are this light. Never forget that. Keep going, keep trying, keep believing. You can do this.

A message from Adamaria Perrotta...

Adamaria Perrotta, Lecturer/Assistant Professor School of Mathematics and Statistics

“Dreams are not those which come while we are sleeping, but dreams are those when you don’t sleep before fulfilling them.” And now, keep going!
Ad maiora

A message from Bernard Kennedy...

Bernard Kennedy, MSc Psychotherapy 2004

Enjoy your time of education. Be assured of your competence and ability. You have proven your ability and endurance. You have done well and more. Always love education ongoing. Well done.

A message from Peter Donnelly...

Peter Donnelly, Programme Director BSc Mental Health Nursing

Dear Graduates. What a great achievement in a time of enormous difficulty and stress. Well done.
This is a huge accomplishment and it will benefit you in the way you approach life, and it’s inevitable problems, and utilise your new skills. Hearty congratulations.

A message from Ria Flom...

Ria Flom, UCD Alumni Relations Coordinator

To all of the wonderful people graduating in the Class of 2021… Congratulations! We are proud of you and all that you have achieved. Savour this moment. Celebrate it! And when you’re ready, launch into your next adventure. Wishing you all the very best! I’ll leave you with one my favourite quotes, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ― Howard Thurman

A message from Dr. Ebun Joseph...

Dr. Ebun Joseph (PhD Graduate, 2017)

‘This is just the beginning, but a fantastic one!’

A message from Anwar Ibrahim Alabdali...

Anwar Ibrahim Alabdali (PhD Graduate, 2021)

What we have achieved after hard work is fabulous, it is a mixing between challenge and motivation and this the true meaning of life.

A message from Gerry O'Connor...

Gerry O'Connor, BA 1967

Congratulations to all members of the UCD graduating class!

A message from Michelle Tiong...

Michelle Tiong, Masters 2016

Chase your purpose with clarity, not your passion, where passion can be all over the place, wild and exciting, purpose is much more focused and meaningful, which can lead you to success.

A message from Susan Philips...

Susan Philips, BSocSc 2002

Chase your purpose with clarity, not your passion, where passion can be all over the place, wild and exciting, purpose is much more focused and meaningful, which can lead you to success.

You got this far, keep telling yourself going forward “I got this!”

Well done folks, You made it through under terrible conditions All the best for your future…….Cathy

Remembering my student days in U C D I think of you all and wish you plenty of success in your life. From the far away island of Mauritius I pray that the sanitary conditions will improve and hope to be able to visit my Alma Mater again. With warm regards

It has been an extremely tough 18 months for all you students but it is going to improve once we all get fully vaccinated and follow the health guidelines & protocols. All students will, please God, get back to living in the new normal college life 🙏. You all have exciting lives & careers ahead and have the future of this Great Little Country in your hands 👍. Work hard at your studies and I wish you all success into the future.Remember the words of Nelson Mandela – “ Sometimes things seem impossible until they are achieved” Build strong & trusting family, friends & workplace relationships and remember that trust arrives on foot but leaves on horseback 😃🙏.Life is for living so “carpe diem.”

Comhghairdeas libh ar bhur n-éacht ! Congratulations on your success Moved forward with confidence & joy

Congratulations I wish you every happiness good health for the future God Bess you

Hi Graduates, Ask the Confucius Centre at UCD to run a programme extolling the virtues of Taiwan (Republic of China) – a proper democracy with a right to exist. Don’t sell out too cheaply to the Chinese Communist Party as UCD has – at least I hope they were well rewarded otherwise the people who did this are real idiots – surrendering core values for nothing! As you go through life I do hope some of you have the guts to stand up for core values – freedom of expression, democracy, press freedom and such like, unfortunately my old Alma Mater has no such values.

My best wishes for the newly graduated 2021 on their achievements with progress and prosperity.

Best of luck to everyone, you have been through a difficult time but I’m sure it will not prevent you from realising your dreams.

Compare the Covid Pandemic to Winter. We are all heading into the Spring, embracing New experiences, new Social gatherings, new friends and above all, a fresh new Outlook on life and future. Enjoy your time at college, what a wonderful opportunity, stay safe and well.

It is a lifetime opportunity, stay with it, enjoy it and be successful!

In the wake of the pandemic the world really is your oyster! keep honing your skills, maintain that Day 1 attitude and be even more willing to be adaptable and flexible!

We are all affected by circumstances outside of our control; both good and bad, yet we manage to forge ahead with the help of the people we surround ourselves with. I hope the bonds that you created while at UCD continue to nourish and enrich your lives. Congratulations to the UCD Class of 2021 on this momentous milestone! Keep striving, keep reaching, stay hungry!

I congratulate all graduates of 2021 and hope that they will remember UCD as positively as I do when they reach my age (at the latest). Without UCD I would not have had exciting jobs at university level in Germany and Africa…. Donnchadh

Never has a graduating class faced such uncertainty but yet such opportunity. You are all truly entering a new world, new ways of living, being and learning must be found. This presents great opportunities for you all to be part of the generation that will reshape so many areas of our lives, and I believe due to your excellent and rounded education in UCD that you will rise to the challenges. Our world – local and global may never be the same but maybe it will be better and more equal and just. Carpe Diem

I was unwell and unable to complete the MSc in Mindfulness Based Interventions, or attend my graduation in 2017. It broke my heart. And so it is that, here and now, I feel a special resonance with those graduating today with a different experience to that imagined or maybe longed for. I hope you find wonder in this celebration with those you have walked alongside during this incredible and transformative journey just as it is. It is, like all days, a beginning. I’m sharing with you words from Kelly G. Wilson, one of the founders of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and wishing you all a lifetime of contacting gentleness and freedom, over and over again – even when it’s hard, especially when it’s hard. Homework I want you to consider the possibility of transformation. I want you to consider the possibility that a freer version of you could grow and develop.. in any way you can imagine, and even more importantly, in ways you cannot quite imagine. .just over the horizon, just around the bend, unknowable except by traveling.

Congratulations on your graduation. Even though you are leaving college, always have an open mind and never stop learning.

You’ve made it! The world right now might look a bit scary, but trust me: it will get better and you will all make it big, I promise. Ad astra!

Comhghairdeas gach duine! What an achievement – even a global pandemic can’t stop you from achieving your goals and throwing up your caps (virtually!) in celebration! Always remember: “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise” – Victor Hugo 

Wishing you all the very best. I know that graduation day will be different this year. However, I hope that it will still be a special day for you. Best of luck for the future. Remember that good things can happen in unexpected ways at unexpected times.

Wishing you all new beginnings. May you find health and peace wherever life takes you.

This a great year to Graduate- a new world requiring an open, creative and enquiring mind and a mindset of “can do attitude”.

Congratulations on your well-deserved success and best wishes for the future. Keep up the spirit to fight against the odds- work hard, stay humble & focussed, never give up & be happy!

This year
Hope is what you need
Even in dark times
Remember one thing
Everyone is with you

If you think all is lost
Stop to think of what you still have

Never give up
Overcome all obstacles with vigor

Have courage
Open your mind to any and all solutions
Positive thinking is key
Express yourself

Love yourself
Offer help to others
Live freely

Many congratulations ! – please remember “good comes out of everything” there might be some up and downs – there will be some uncertainties – it will all work out for you. Good luck and many good wishes. Perdita

Congratulations to you all on this your big day. Sorry you will not get the full satisfaction of attending a graduation ceremony with your families meeting your college friends and saying goodbye to your college. These times will pass,we will get through it and you will contribute to our national recovery. Best wishes for the future,stay safe.

Never try, never fail, never succeed.

Your graduation, like first communions, confirmations and weddings during the pandemic, will not be as you imagined, a happy sociable gathering of family and friends. While there won’t be a drinks reception in UCD, a large or intimate celebratory meal or party afterward that so many of us took for granted in past years, you still have achieved what made these celebrations relevant, the core for these, your degree. As a dear former colleague once said to me, once you have your education, no one can take it away from you. As the celebrations on the day fade into memory, life takes over, and you go forward with your degree, a valued achievement, that will assist you and help you through all that comes your way on life’s journey. I wish all new graduates, my very best wishes on this, special historical graduation. God bless.

Dear Students (especially those of you whom I have taught in the context of Italian Studies), I am so sorry that we can’t see each other in person to celebrate your big day. Congratulations to each and every one of you for battling through the difficult weeks of online learning through lockdown and for getting to this stage. If you can do that, you can do anything! I will be thinking of you next week, and rooting for your continued success. Siete stati bravissimi!

Congratulations! Completing a degree from a prestigious university is no small feat, so don’t underestimate your achievement. You should be proud. Finishing up college can bring with it a lot of mixed emotions: pride and happiness at how far you’ve come; sadness that it has come to an end; and maybe uncertainty and anxiety about what will come next. I’ve been there! Of all times to graduate, the current state of the world likely adds another layer of emotions and uncertainty. The best advice I can give you is that things will work out how they should. Even if you have no idea what comes next or what you want to do, keep looking, something will come up. Even if you spend sometime doing something different that you didn’t see yourself doing, stick at it. It may just be a stepping stone to where you want to be. You will end up where you’re supposed to, even if the path there meanders. Congratulations again, keep the head up, keep looking for what gives you meaning, and stay safe. John

You are over the moon…now reach for the stars.

Congratulations to the graduates of UCD this year. It is a special achievement to achieve your degree and despite the strange times we are all living in, nothing can take away from your wonderful accomplishments. I am very proud to consider myself a graduate of University College Dublin. Through the passage of time, that pride grows all the more. It will with you too, wherever life takes place. Carpe Diem!

Facing unprecedented struggles, know that your hard work and patience will pay off. Life waxes and wanes and it’s how we manage the bad times that makes us resilient and keeps us healthy mentally and physically. Deep breaths and a realistically positive focus, with no hesitation to ask for help when you are struggling. For the good times: enjoy the privilege that comes with opportunities and happiness! You earned your degree so celebrate it and know that your hard work and sacrifices are a stepping stone to something larger or new for you all! Wishing you the best for your bright futures! Robin Feeney Assist. Prof. Anatomy, School of Medicine, UCD

‘All will be well and all manner of things will be well.’

All the best! I am a Graduate from Singapore – Kaplan UCD! Never give up hope!! There’s opportunity and hope amidst all panoramic situations. !! Have faith in God , he will bring you through. No matter which country you are at ! Always rejoice and be hopeful with your friends and family. All the best !! Congratulations!!

Heartiest congratulations to you on the successful completion of your respective programs! Best wishes to you in all that you do.

As a lecturer in Computer Science at UCD, I would like to congratulate all students being conferred today, particularly those receiving degrees in Computer Science, many of which I have taught. Special congrats to my PhD student Amerah Alghanim! Well done to all and best wishes.

Dear Students, as Head of Teaching and Learning for the School of Chemistry I want to extend my warmest congratulations to each one of you on your graduation. This is a significant achievement under normal times, never mind during a pandemic. You really have earned this and can be proud. My hope for you is that some of what you have learned at UCD can help you make the world a better place to live for all life on the planet.
Eoghan McGarrigle.

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