UCD Online Mentoring

We are delighted to be in a position to extend the UCD Career Mentoring to include all alumni internationally. The online career mentoring platform enables UCD alumni who wish to volunteer as a mentor to communicate directly with alumni or students allowing them to manage their own mentoring relationship.

This is solely online mentoring that is managed by the mentor and mentee and overseen by UCD Alumni Relations.


To be a Mentor


What does it mean to be a mentor?

A mentor is a trusted advisor who will provide guidance to the mentee. Mentors share their insight and experience to help the mentee achieve their highest capability. Becoming a mentor is an important and rewarding opportunity.


Why become a mentor?

It is an opportunity to share and develop your personal network and your professional skills.

It is a chance for you to give something back to UCD to someone who will benefit from your knowledge and advice to enhance their career development.

It will provide you with a fresh perspective on the challenges facing students & graduates in the workplace.

It will improve your leadership and management skills.

To be a Mentee


What does it mean to become a mentee?

A mentee is an individual who seeks guidance from an experienced alumnus, to assist in providing direction to help them reach their goals.


Why become a mentee?

It is a time to receive general constructive criticism and guidance.

It is a chance to receive insights and expertise from someone with experience in a particular field.

It is an opportunity to receive assistance with long-term career planning and direction.

It will improve your communication and relationship management skills.

Please note that this information is for Online Mentoring.

To participate in a career mentoring programme between alumni and students, there is an application process which opens annually.

We endeavour to match every mentor with a student, however it is not always possible to match the skill set and experience of each individual who registers for the programme. If a match is not made, there is the opportunity to be included in other volunteering opportunities including participating in panel events, acting as a class agent for an upcoming reunion.

If you are interested in volunteering your time, or if you have any queries about UCD Online Mentoring, please contact alumnivolunteer@ucd.ie