Niamh Hegarty – MLIS (Master of Library and Information Studies)

As she heads for Australia’s shores post-graduation, Niamh Hegarty reflects on her experience of studying for the MLIS at UCD and looks forward to staying connected with fellow alumni.


“I had a great interest in UCD because of the size of the campus and what it offers. I really wanted to study veterinary but I didn’t get the points, and so I decided to study science. But I chose the college for the wrong reasons, science was not for me, so I left.”


Niamh then went on to study fine arts at NCAD, where she met great people and enjoyed her course. She thought carefully about her next steps after the degree, not wanting to pigeonhole herself into a niche area.


“I wanted to be involved in cultural organisations but I also wanted something that would give me a few different options. I wanted to learn more about educational spaces and people management. So, I decided to study for the Master of Library and Information Studies [MLIS] at UCD, which is ALA accredited and internationally recognised.”


For anyone considering doing the MLIS, Niamh recommends getting involved with the class activities, finding a support network and establishing a relationship with a good mentor. She found everyone on the course to be supportive and felt that the lecturers went out of their way to foster a community feeling within the class. 


Niamh considers her graduation a real milestone, as she looks back at the challenges she faced in juggling work, her studies and home life.


“I’m very proud to have finished the degree, because balancing my personal life, my job and my studies all at the same time was very difficult, and there were times where I didn’t think I’d be able to finish it.”


Following her graduation, Niamh will be travelling to Australia where she hopes to continue her studies and specialise.


“I want to follow up on opportunities in digital curation, which is a specialty that I had no idea existed before joining this course and there are lots of opportunities abroad. As part of my next steps I want to study digital preservation strategies in Melbourne.”


Finally, Niamh is looking forward to becoming a member of the UCD alumni community and staying connected with her fellow alumni.


“UCD has set me up with opportunities, connections and I’m looking forward to being a part of the UCD Alumni Network.”