“Brian O'Driscoll scored a memorable try in colours match in Donnybrook early in 1999.”
MB BCh BAO, 2004
“[Pat Gibbons] overheard me admitting I had not read the case study before the class, then grilled me mercilessly on it.”
Ben Sugarman, MBA, 2002
“I organised the World University Debating Championships that were held in UCD in the New Year of 2005/2006.
Gregg, O’Neill, BA, 2005
“The atmosphere on my first day... Such a buzz around the place and the excitement and nervousness of everyone starting. Also, my BA graduation was unforgettable. I had a great sense of achievement with my fellow classmates.”
BA Graduate, 2004
“Singing with the Choral Scholars in Rome for Pope John Paul II.”
Meabh Nic Mhaolain, BA, 2002
“My recollections are of busy libraries, searching for books and articles, queuing for a study room, trying to keep in contact with my supervisor (no offence, John!) and wondering if we could be finished and through the red tape in time for the conferrings. We made it and it was great.”
Charles Smith, BA, 2005
“Glad to see Hugh Brady is giving the soviet era UCD buildings a much needed face lift.”
David Boyd (2006)
“The Ag Tea shop at 11am, Sportsbar at any time, the women. Dutch Gold, Fr. Coote's Sunday morning sermons, ah, listen what an institution Ag was and still is. The Dublin Blue Stars v GAA Culchie Alstars on Ag week, and Charlie Redmond re-enacting the free kick in the sportsbar afterwards.”
Richard Scanlan (Auditor Ag Soc, 2003)
“Ireland was my first stop of going abroad. It left me a very nice memory, so did UCD. I will never forget that beautiful campus in Belfield and in Blackrock, never forget those nice Irish people, teachers, group mates. I dream about re-vising UCD someday soon!”
Bing Wang (DBS, 2001)
“Years flying by with lectures, tutorials, assignments and exams. Interesting discussions over dinners in the canteen followed by lectures until late. Great days.”
Nigel Quinlan, CDipSHWW, 2004
“Lots of memories but I always loved dinner (chips and fried eggs!) in the canteen!”
BA Graduate, 2003
“Going to see Seamus Heaney in a lecture. I think it was supposed to be a first year English lecture but many students came from different years and subjects. He gave a great lecture on some of his works.”
Aoife Lyons, BA, 2008
“Great classes, events, and lifelong friends”
BA Graduate, 2004