UCDaze Shy small skinny peasant Up to the big smoke ‚Are these things safe’ to his brother half jokingly As the train unstuck and rolled Away from wet Tralee Late summer golden mornings First taste of UCD Clinging to the wall As thousands burst out of lecture halls Like an unsettled hive of bees Back to Blackrock for safety A good half-hours walk along the carriageway And down Booterstown Avenue Shoulder your way clumsy Through the rugby yaws and those inexplicable Upturned shirt collars Read More
Éanna Patrick O’Sullivan Poem
“Rag Week was the most exciting event! The first week of each year filled with party and late open bar. It was a great ice breaker :-)”
BSc Graduate, 1997
“While lecturing, [Victor Connerty] used to put up pictures of elephants under water so if anyone looked in the door of Theatre Q they would wonder what was going on.”
BA Graduate, 1999
“A 9am [Vic Connerty] lecture would still be full. What more can you say?”
BA Graduate, 1999
“Theatre L in the Arts Block was always full to the rafters whenever [Vic Connerty] was lecturing. I remember his lectures often and fondly. I know I am not unique in citing him as my favourite lecturer.”
BA Graduate, 1996
“Every lecture was hugely interesting. The most memorable bit was way in which [Vic Connerty] left each lecture on cliff hanger. You couldn't wait to get to the next one to see how the story ended.”
Austin McEvoy, BA, 1994
“Meeting some great, fun people who have been friends for life”
Bcomm Graduate, 1990
“All the new people I met when I started there, the friends I made and the fun we had. Great memories.”
BSc Gradate, 1990
“Because I had wanted for a lifetime to go to College, I could have been the happiest, most excited student on Grad day. In my photo I look every bit as chuffed as I did on my wedding day.”
Patricia Murray, BA, 1992
“You know I think it was gazing out over the lake from my library seat. It was so relaxing. Every now and again, I would meander to the bookcases and look up books not in my area and this just opened my mind to new worlds, experience and times.”
Claire O’Riordan, BSocSc, 1992
“You couldn't go anywhere without bumping into a friend so just hanging out by the lake, in the bar, in the tunnel, outside the shop. All good memories.”
Bcomm International Graduate, 1996
“The people. Staff, teachers/professors, fellow students. Some of the students became close friends & are still a very important part of my life.”
Frances Lyons, BA, 1990
“Making some of the best friends I've ever made. And wherever I've lived in the world (Tokyo / London / New York), I've met up with them. They've been an invaluable source of support.
BE Graduate, 1993
“It's not a specific memory, it's more a feeling. Feeling independent, feeling connected with similar and likeminded people and feeling the world was wide open to me‚ in terms of relationships, socially and academically.”
Lisa Murray, BBLS, 1995
“Indulgences in literature in the library, lying by the lake on a sunny day with friends, the first taste of adulthood / independence.”
Fiona McLaughlin, BA, 1992
“I remember my days in UCD with great fondness; making lifelong friends, enjoying the trials of life together and generally having a brilliant time.”
BSc Graduate, 1990
“Miss the time spent at the Department, especially the lectures/interactions with Prof. Helen, and Dr. Majda. Also sitting quietly for hours on weekends by the side of the giant lake in front of the Library Building”
Ajay Pandey (MDevSt, 1999)
“Writing for the College Tribune, debates at the L&H, Law Soc. lunchtime plays at Dramsoc. Very scary bouncers at the bar and the bar itself, dark, dank, cigarette smoke everywhere, a greenish bluish colour on the walls, sticky seats; horrific toasted cheese thingies wrapped in cling film, films in Theatre P, Arts Day. Drinking in the Montrose. Dressing up to go to Balls. Club 92 (!), lectures. The Wall. I worked at the Campus Bookshop. Nothing that happened was unimportant and everything - everything - was crucial. I would do it all over again and wouldn't change a thing, except perhaps my haircut.”
Niall McArdle (1993) (English, Philosophy 1993, M.A. in English 1994)
Hanging out on a summer's day by the lake and catching up with friends.”
BE Graduate, 1991
I returned to UCD aged 31, as a mature student, having lost my sight aged 27, so my whole experience of UCD was very different to what I would have imagined, I had originally got a place in Arts in 1983 as a 17 year old very gauche and innocent student but did not take up that place then so returning as a blind student aged 31 was certainly very memorable for lots of very positive and quite challenging reasons. Read More
Tina Lowe Anecdote
One does, however, have memories of isolated incidents: Seamus Deane almost fainting during a lecture on the War Poets; the only thing I can remember of Andrew Carpenter's lectures is that he told us about a student years before who wore silver eye-shadow that used to dazzle him. I reminded him of this, years later, and he said that people only remember the footnotes; which is true. Read More
Robert Grace (1990) Anecdote
“Broadcasting from UCD FM beside the lake. The first ever student radio license in a college without a journalism course.”
Noeleen Hartigan, BA, 1997
“Meeting interesting people and realizing how bright minds could create change.”
DBS Graduate, 1994
"Freedom, meeting loads of great friends and diverse people & great events"
BComm Graduate, 1998