Through the shared memories of students, alumni, lecturers and friends, you have made it possible for us to understand what UCD means to you and to capture a glimpse into your time in UCD in the 1990s.

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UCDaze Shy small skinny peasant Up to the big smoke ‚Are these things safe’ to his brother half jokingly As the train unstuck and rolled Away from wet Tralee Late summer golden mornings First taste of UCD Clinging to the wall As thousands burst out of lecture halls Like an unsettled hive of bees Back to Blackrock for safety A good half-hours walk along the carriageway And down Booterstown Avenue Shoulder your way clumsy Through the rugby yaws and those inexplicable Upturned shirt collars Read More
Éanna Patrick O’Sullivan Poem
“Rag Week was the most exciting event! The first week of each year filled with party and late open bar. It was a great ice breaker :-)”
BSc Graduate, 1997
“While lecturing, [Victor Connerty] used to put up pictures of elephants under water so if anyone looked in the door of Theatre Q they would wonder what was going on.”
BA Graduate, 1999
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