“Hothouse Flowers playing in a free gig by the lake.”
Ross, Brennan, BComm, 1987
“A lecture by Seamus Heaney in aula maxima in Earlsfort terrace the year before I started university”
Cecily Kelleher, MB BCh BAO, 1980
“[John Teeling’s] lectures were so entertaining that students from other faculties would attend the lectures for the fun of it. He must have wondered why there were so many sitting on the steps!”
Bcomm Graduate, 1984
“[John Teeling was] easily the more interesting of lecturer. Full of wit. And some good stock market advice, if you had any money.”
BComm Graduate, 1985
“[John Teeling] was simply an inspirational genius. He had the highest attendance rates at his lectures. Nobody ever missed a Teeling lecture.”
Bcomm Graduate, 1987
“Fondest memory is of the lasting and true friendships formed during our time in UCD.”
DipPhysio Graduate, 1983
“Where to begin? Probably all the wonderful people I met and friends I made. Friends that remain true to me today.”
Anne Maire Pollard, BA, 1987
“Great campus, always buzzing and a fantastic library and recreational facilities also.”
Timothy Murphy, BComm Graduate, 1989
“The sharing of wisdom and friendship and Graduation day when all the hard work came to fruition.
BA Graduate, 1989
“Being in the queue in the first week in the canteen and realizing that I didn't have enough money to pay for my food and the person behind me saying, “I'll pay for that.” I was so embarrassed that I believe I never really thanked him. So, if he remembers, thank you.”
BCL Graduate, 1983
“Just been part of the place. Belonging.”
BA Graduate, 1988
“Graduation day with my family. I was very proud to have achieved something worthwhile, which a few years earlier would have seemed impossible. I will never forget UCD for helping to change my life for the better.”
Bcomm Graduate, 1989
“Cherry blossoms on the way to the restaurant (I mean library!)”
Gerard O Brien, BCL, 1986
“Catching up on the gossip over an 11 o'clock cup of tea and a snack biscuit with the gang in the UCD bar.”
BA Graduate, 1988
One of the things for which there was no space allocation is how UCD, in my case anyway, was responsible for further academic achievement. The BA degree opened doors to other academic study. Since 1989 I have under taken two further degrees, an MA, and I am currently in Year 4 of a PhD and in the case of the latter it is just wonderful to have the opportunity to use your great library. And a little note here - the library staff are always so helpful and pleasant. Read More
Ann Gallagher Anecdote
“My fellow students and inspirational teachers. I loved the library, the books, and the quiet. I felt privileged to be there.”
BSc Graduate, 1980
“The opportunity it provided to open the mind to new ideas through lectures, societies and people, including contemporaries”
BA Graduate, 1980