“Greatest memory of UCD; Firstly, Garrett Fitzgerald’s MA Economics class tutorials on a Wednesday evening in Earlsfort Terrace. Secondly, raucous Saturday nights at the L&H – usually in company with an eminent current member of the Irish Bench – preceded and followed by voluminous drinks in “Hartos”. Third greatest memories playing for a superb UCD first’s rugby team – of whom six were capped for Ireland – and undeservedly defeated in a replayed Leinster Cup Final in 1961.”
Joe Dillon, BA (Economics 1959)
1954-1958 student in Faculty of Agriculture and followed the course in Horticultural Science Agricultural Co-operation was the subject I chose for my Inaugural Paper. At that time (1957) the Inaugural Paper presented by the Auditor on the first Friday of December each year drew substantial media publicity. Usually chaired by the President of UCD, the Minister of Agriculture of the time would be an automatic speaking choice and backed up by prominent speakers with expertise in the topic covered in the paper. In my case I had an entrée to the then Taoiseach, Eamonn de Valera, who was Chancellor of NUI, who agreed to be Chairman. So that was a good start to drawing the media. I lined up Senator Séan Moylan (Minister for Agriculture), Major General M. J. Costello (General Manager Irish Sugar Co.), Dr. Louis Smith (then Economic Advisor National Farmers’ Association and subsequently Associate Professor UCD) and Herr H. Ennegren (Swedish Agricultural Attaché). Both Costello and Smith were recognized authorities on Agricultural Co-operation and there was a strong co-operative movement in Sweden. Read More
Peter Tiernan Essay
“I remember the rumbling, intimidating sound of male voices as one approached the Main Hall, the sea of faces at English Literature lectures in the Physics Theatre, the English lecturers who gave us glimpses of a Promised Land of ideas of Truth, Goodness and Beauty towards which we could only aspire, the way our minds were enabled, stretched and inspired by their use of English, both in terms of expression and of enunciation. My other memories are a pot-pourri. Read More
Aideen (Hassett) Madden (1959)
"I am immediately reminded of that day. In the middle of the body of students there was a mature Anglo-Irish student who had been a tank commander in the Army. He became almost hysterical, roaring with laughter in the middle of what soon became a vacant space, as all the other students tried to dissociate themselves from him. Pressure was such that those at the ends of his bench were falling into the aisles. Read More
Dr John L Kearns.
"Arriving at the age of 16 1/2, I was amazed at the crowd, 300 or more students, including would-be dentists and vets. We were stacked to the ceiling of a huge lecture theatre in the College of Science, now a government building. The first lecture was zoology, with Prof. Bailey-Butler. There was a tradition that the previous year's intake came to say goodbye, and each received a hand shake from the remarkable professor, only to rush back on an outside stairway and come down to do so again and again. It took us freshmen some time to realise what was going on. Once we did, everyone was helpless with laughter" - See more at: http://cms.ucd.ie/alumni/memories/ucd-in-the-1950s/blog/#sthash.csm6mhrP.dpuf
Dr Jadwiga Bozena Kearns, nee Zagorska.
I arrived in UCD (Earlsfort Terrace) in 1957 as a country boy without much idea of what I was going to study. Because my impecunious state dictated that I should go for a faculty which held out the promise of a quick transit from university to earning capability, I settled on Commerce, while keeping opening the arts possibility by adding Latin in my first year. I took Irish for first commerce and observed the look of dismay in Professor Tomás de Bhaldraithe’s face when I told him at the end of the first year that I would not be pursuing Celtic Studies but instead would be selling my soul to Commerce. Read More
Cathal Cavangh Essay
Orientation in Paediatric Psychiatry A Personal Odyssey My topic is the development of Child Psychiatry or Paediatric Psychiatry in this country, a subject, a discipline which we never heard tell of in our undergraduate years. Indeed we wouldn’t have recognised a child psychiatrist had one come up with an enuresis alarm swinging from ear to ear. Now the first draft of this paper was quite disjointed and the limited time was only partly the reason. Essentially up to recently, the development of Child Psychiatric services here has been quite ad hoc. Indeed it was not the Department of Health, but religious organisations that initially addressed the area and provided a service. So to provide some structure I have grafted the account onto my own medical career which to an extent more or less parallels the development of Child Psychiatry Services in Ireland. Forgive the narcissism! So the revised title of the talk is Orientation in Paediatric Psychiatry, A Personal Odyssey. My practice was in the West so it should be occidentation but as you will come to see, orientation is more appropriate. Read More
Anthony Carroll Essay
“Felix Hackett was an excellent lecturer in 2nd year physics. PPS the transistor was invented in 1947 – the year I started age 17 (nobody noticed at the time and no one told us it would change civilisation forever)”
Brian Daly, BE, 1952
“UCD was a small friendly community, where interest in subjects was stimulated and recognised .”
BSc Graduate, 1959