We invite you to send messages of support and hope to the UCD Graduates of 2020.

This year graduation is taking place virtually and now more than ever the UCD Graduates of 2020 need to hear your support.

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A message from Shaunagh Connaire...

Shaunagh Connaire

“The best advice I was given was life is not a dress rehearsal, you have to go out and get what you want!”

A message from Gerald Fleming...

Gerald Fleming

“What you have achieved is wonderful and what is ahead of you is even more so!”

A message from Joanna Siewierska...

Joanna Siewierska

“Take this time now that things have slowed down a bit. Think about what you really want. Think about where you want to go. And then take that step!”

A message from Pravar Agrawal...

Pravar Agrawal

“As long as you work hard, you’re doing the right thing and things will work out!”