We invite you to send messages of support and hope to graduates of the Class of 2022.

Conferring ceremony season is upon us!

Send kind words, short videos and sound advice like these to our new soon-to-be graduates using the form below, or post your messages on social using the hashtag #UCDGrad2023. We will bring all of the messages together on the welcome page for New Alumni.

Let’s show our newest graduates that the UCD Alumni community is behind them!

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    A message from Thalia Leonard...

    Thalia Leonard

    ”The possibilities now are endless and you will be supported by the UCD community if ever you need. Practice being thoughtful, open and curious – life will take care of the rest.”

    A message from Shaunagh Connaire...

    Shaunagh Connaire

    “The best advice I was given was life is not a dress rehearsal, you have to go out and get what you want!”

    A message from Gerald Fleming...

    Gerald Fleming

    “What you have achieved is wonderful and what is ahead of you is even more so!”

    A message from Ragu Raman...

    Ragu Raman

    “Keep Networking from day 0. Equip with the market demanding skills along with your regular modules. Know your skills, know your market. This is crazy times, but this too will pass.”

    A message from Ebun Joseph...

    Dr. Ebun Joseph

    ‘’This is just the beginning, but a fantastic one!’’

    A message from Joanna Siewierska...

    Joanna Siewierska

    “Take this time now that things have slowed down a bit. Think about what you really want. Think about where you want to go. And then take that step!”