The politics of minimum wage regulation during the period of Troika conditionality in Ireland

Vincenzo Maccarrone gives a talk at the European University Institute in Florence (via ZOOM).

“Although supranational dynamics are often treated as “”external”” to the national space, they do have an impact on domestic actors strategies. A growing strand of literature of international relations (Farrell and Newman 2014, 2016) recognises that situations of rule overlap provides different opportunity structures to the collective actors. The analysis will show that during the Troika conditionality employers made use of a strategy of cross-national layering to pursue for changes in Irish employment regulation. However, some employers’ fractions tried to maintain existing wage setting institutions. Unions, on the other hand, chose a strategy of insultation, given their limited access to the transnational opportunity structure created by the Troika conditionality.”


11 06 20


15:00 - 17:00

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