Tina Lowe Anecdote

I returned to UCD aged 31, as a mature student, having lost my sight aged 27, so my whole experience of UCD was very different to what I would have imagined, I had originally got a place in Arts in 1983 as a 17 year old very gauche and innocent student but did not take up that place then so returning as a blind student aged 31 was certainly very memorable for lots of very positive and quite challenging reasons.

I would have to say that my true rebellious streak returned to me as a blind person and so I really enjoyed my experience in UCD as a mature blind student, much more I think than I would have as a school leaver.

It was hugely empowering, very liberating and enlightening as well as plain good crack as a student.

Being a student for any age from any walk of life is definitely your best experience and time in life, it will never be better, you are completely free, you do not have to make any difficult situations and there is no real stress – it is so worthwhile.

As well as all these positive aspects I went on to get a really good job here in my alma Mater due to my return to higher education – so all in all it is a very worthwhile and I really believe a very necessary part of everyone’s life if they can avail of it as it is so enriching and empowering.