Ann Gallagher Anecdote

One of the things for which there was no space allocation is how UCD, in my case anyway, was responsible for further academic achievement. The BA degree opened doors to other academic study. Since 1989 I have under taken two further degrees, an MA, and I am currently in Year 4 of a PhD and in the case of the latter it is just wonderful to have the opportunity to use your great library. And a little note here – the library staff are always so helpful and pleasant.

Re the questions on out of class activities, involvement with societies, etc. – there was no room to expand answers and a yes or no could give, I think, an unclear position. For example, I undertook the BA by evening class while working and there was simply no time to join any of the societies.

Finally, I did not put my name to the survey for one reason only and that is because I had singled out Richard Kearney and it might seem unfair to the other lecturers. Richard was exceptional, I thought, and, as well, he has published some great books since 1989. However, in view of what I have just said, if you feel it would be alright to give my name, please feel free to name me.

Thanks for the opportunity to complete the survey and if I can be of assistance to UCD in the future I will be happy to contribute, and, because of time constraints, that would most likely be by way of participating in some way with fundraising.