Aideen (Hassett) Madden (1959)

“I remember the rumbling, intimidating sound of male voices as one approached the Main Hall, the sea of faces at English Literature lectures in the Physics Theatre, the English lecturers who gave us glimpses of a Promised Land of ideas of Truth, Goodness and Beauty towards which we could only aspire, the way our minds were enabled, stretched and inspired by their use of English, both in terms of expression and of enunciation. My other memories are a pot-pourri.

The atmosphere of learning in the college libraries, afternoons of tennis at Belfield, leisurely strolls through Iveagh Gardens and St. Stephen’s Green, girlish chats in the Ladies’ Reading Room, “hops” at “86”, two remarkable short lecture series which sparked life-long interests; one in Linguistics, the other in Theology, the latter given by visiting priest-professors from Maynooth on Thursday nights. Lastly, I remember that great sense of humour and of poise evident in those students who debated at the Literary and Historical Society on Saturday nights. I revisited these memories at the “Goodbye to the Terrace” celebration on May 15th 2007, memories of youth and hope and idealism. As I remembered then my young, tremulous self traversing those hallowed halls of learning I was glad and thankful that I had the opportunity of studying at U.C.D. and happy enough with what I had become so far. That was a joyful occasion. “Per Ardua ad Astra”. Through struggles to the stars: memories of U.C.D.”
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