UCD honorary degree for Sir Ciarán Devane

UCD has conferred an honorary degree on Sir Ciarán Devane, Chief Executive of the British Council. Ciarán, a native of Dublin, entered UCD in 1980 to study Engineering, choosing the discipline of Chemical Engineering after first year, before specialising in the newly emerging field of Biochemical Engineering after his second year. He graduated with a 1st Class Honours BE (Biochemical Engineering) in June of 1984. Continue reading “UCD honorary degree for Sir Ciarán Devane”

PolliNation Takes Top Spot at Sustainability LaunchPad Awards 2017

PolliNation, an early-stage start-up, has secured first place, winning the Sustainability LaunchPad Award 2017.  David Gormley pitched the early-stage venture which looks to rent beehives to farmers, to increase farm yields and encourage the growth of the bee population. With the honey produced, they propose to produce an artisanal mead.

Deputy Eamon Ryan, TD and leader of the Green Party presented the award to UCD Engineering students David Gormley, Fionn O’Connell-Hussey, Katie Mullan and Abdullah Alsaeed.

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Prof Tom Curran proposes solution to London’s ‘fatberg’ issue

London is waging an ongoing battle in its aging 19th-century sewers against the scourge of “fatbergs” — congealed masses of cooking oil, wipes, condoms, diapers and other gunk — that pollute and clog the underground system.
London sewer workers who coined the term for the stinking mass need to use shovels and high-pressure hoses to blast it apart.
The utility Thames Water announced Friday that it finally broke up a monster fatberg whose existence was made public in September. The 800-foot- long, 130-ton blob the size of 11 double-decker buses was blocking a 270-yard stretch of sewer under Whitechapel Road in London’s East End.

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Prof John Kelly awarded ESB Outstanding Contribution to Engineering award at the 2017 Engineers Ireland Excellence Awards

Engineers Ireland President, Dr Kieran Feighan, ESB Outstanding Contribution to Engineering award recipient, Prof. John Kelly of UCD, ESB Chief Executive Pat O’Doherty and Engineers Ireland Director-General Caroline Spillane.

Prof. John Kelly, former UCD Registrar, former Dean of the UCD Faculty of Engineering, and emeritus Professor of Chemical Engineering was presented with the ESB Outstanding Contribution to Engineering Award at the 2017 Engineers Ireland Excellence Awards.

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Acts of Allegiance

Acts of Allegiance

Acts of Allegiance is a wonderful brew of a book about politics, family, violence, love, betrayal – life, in other words. Peter Cunningham has written a winner.”
– John Banville

Paris: May, 1969. Scents of spring blossom, coffee and high-octane petrol. Irish diplomat Marty Ransom has been summoned to meet Charles J. Haughey, the Irish Minister for Finance – what’s decided between them will change the course of Irish history. The Minister wants a go-between with the new IRA faction in the North: he knows a key player is Marty’s cousin Ignatius. He has no idea Marty is reporting to MI5 in Dublin. As the deadly endgame draws near, Marty must choose between the past and all he holds dear.

Peter Cunningham graduated from UCD with a B.A. in 1967.



UCD APEP End of Year Show

‘Show up’ the UCD APEP Summer Show, took place on the 1st of June, with the third cycle of ‘Rising Home’ launched by Fr. Peter McVerry. A fond farewell was also given to  Gerry Cahill, who has been teaching in the school for many years and really has made an outstanding contribution to the life and learning in Richview.



Alumni Spotlight

Ciaran Cuffe

BArch 1989

MRUP 1996











Alumni Spotlight

Ciaran Cuffe


It seemed like a natural progression

You could say that I come from a family of Architects. I am one of eight-children and three of us went on to study Architecture in UCD.

It doesn’t stop there! My own father Luan was also a UCD Architectural graduate. He graduated from UCD in 1942 and went on to study in Harvard, undertaking a Masters with Walter Gropius.

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