Curriculum Review and Enhancement Project Update

April 2015 was the starting point of a project to comprehensively review all UCD taught programmes, incorporating the vision for UCD graduates from the UCD Education Strategy. This Curriculum Review and Enhancement Project adopts an outcomes-led programme approach and structure, informed by specific programme enhancement themes which are:

  • a focus on research-informed and research-led education
  • the development of discipline-specific as well as a wider set of attributes and capabilities
  • an appraisal of assessment (methods and load) and
  • the use of technology to enhance learning.

This is an update on the status of the project in late January 2016.

Stages one and two: Vision and Values and Programme Outcomes
Project Champions attended workshops in October 2015 on “Supporting Programmes Teams to Develop their Programme Vision and Outcomes”. A Curriculum Review and Enhancement Guide and resources were specially developed to help teams through the process.

Project Champions ran local workshops for Programme Review Teams who articulated vision/values statements and programme outcomes for their programmes.

A Curriculum Review and Enhancement data capture and reporting tool was developed in InfoHub to record vision/values statements and programme outcomes. The system facilitates the categorisation of programme outcomes with respect to student achievement of knowledge, skills, and/or attitudes. Throughout January programme directors across the institution have recorded programme statements and outcomes, developed in consultation with their review teams.

During the month of February consultation will continue with a range of stakeholders within UCD and externally around the programme outcomes, which may be then be refined. The vision/values statement and programme outcomes will be reviewed by the relevant Project Champion and Programme Board/Graduate School Board, and subsequently by members of the Curriculum Review and Enhancement Steering Committee (on behalf of the Registrar).

Stage three: Curriculum Mapping & Alignment
Workshops on Curriculum Mapping will take place for Project Champions in February ahead of the mapping process which will now take-place from March to June. During the curriculum mapping process, programme teams will review how, and the extent to which, programme outcomes are addressed and assessed by modules. All module coordinators contributing to programmes will play a part in this process.

For more information on this project, visit the Curriculum Review and Enhancement webpage or contact your Project Champion. If you would like to contribute to discussion around Curriculum Review and Enhancement, your comments are welcome in the Curriculum Review and Enhancement category of the UCD Teaching & Learning Community.