Donal Ryan (BBLS 1999) and Thomas Bullman (BBLS 1999)

From former UCD Business and Law graduates to Ink guys!

After both Donal Ryan and Thomas Bullman graduated from UCD in 1999, they set about the usual route of working for large multi-national companies. However, some years later they decided to go into business for themselves and have just launched a new website called  The website offers customers a unique way of buying printer ink cartridges by simplifying the entire process.  To date they have won the Eircom Spider Awards for Best Digital Retail Excellence and also the Web Awards for Best e-Commerce Micro website. 

In terms of future developments they hope to have the website up and operational before the end of the year.  There is a soft launch planned for Northern Ireland prior to going live with the rest of the UK.

They also hope to roll out the success of the project to other European countries while keeping the customer support team all local in Ireland.  They have a number of supply chain options for pick and pack operations throughout Europe and hope to outsource all the logistic requirements with the exception of a centralised Irish Call centre.

Based on their success in Europe, they also have a website which they hope to launch in the US market within the next 5 years.