UCD Boat Club – Crew of 1974

On the 6th of July, the 1974 University College Dublin Boat Club crew that won The Ladies Challenge Plate (a trophy that was presented to the Stewards at Henley by the ladies of Henley in 1943 and the second most prestigious trophy at Henley) will have the honour of rowing over the course at lunch time at finals day, to mark the fortieth anniversary of the occasion. This win in 1974 was a watershed for Irish rowing, an Irish crew had not won at Henley since 1902 and the Ladies Challenge Plate had not been won by an Irish crew since 1875.Images:

L to R: UCDBC defeating Fitzwilliam College Cambridge on the way to the final in 1974. (David Redeway, penultimate British Ambassador to Ireland is in the Fitzwilliam boat)

The crew in June 2014 in Islandbridge, preparing for the row over at Henley.