NUI Seanad Éireann Register

Dear NUI Graduate,

As you will be aware, following the outcome of the Referendum held 4 October 2013, Seanad Éireann is to be retained as an essential element of Irish parliamentary democracy.  Currently, three members of the Seanad are elected by graduates of the National University of Ireland and three by graduates of the University of Dublin. The Government has announced plans to introduce legislation for a single six-seater constituency and to extend the electorate to include all graduates.
University representation has been part of our democratic system since the foundation of the State. The Senators elected by NUI graduates have been a significant presence in Seanad Éireann since its establishment in 1938 and their collective contribution to Irish life and society has been worthwhile. A list of the twenty-one Senators elected in the NUI constituency since 1938 with short biographies is available here.

I would like to encourage you as an NUI graduate to participate in our democratic system by voting in Seanad Éireann elections. To vote, you must be included in the NUI Register of Electors. If you are not already on the register but would like to be, there is an opportunity until 26 February 2014 to lodge your claim for inclusion in the 2014 edition. You will find further details on doing this at

With my best regards,
Yours sincerely,
Maurice Manning

Dr Maurice Manning