‘Look into the Eye’ by Jennifer Barrett

Jennifer Barrett – BA DBS

Look into the Eye

“It amazed me how deeply I could feel for the fictional characters in the book – they seemed so real to me. I genuinely felt such a responsibility for Richard, Melanie and the whales. I wanted to do right by them all, to help them through their difficulties, and get them out the other side – it was what drove me to finish the book, and to persevere through the lengthy process of trying to find a publisher.

So I felt compelled to write Look into the Eye – both as a way to explore and try to understand the almost ethereal mystery and magic of these beautiful creatures myself, and thereafter to try to share it with others. I am delighted to be donating half of my royalties to the protection and conservation of whales in the wild, and to youth mental health charities in Ireland.”  writing.ie