Karl Mulvee – Bubblicity – Ireland’s first company to specialise in Taiwan Bubble tea making

‌It’s a good news story for Bubblicity, Irelands first company to specialise in Taiwanese Bubble tea making.  The company, founded by three young Irish entrepreneurs Ivano Cafolla, Ronan Murphy and UCD graduate Karl Mulvee opened shop in Georges Street Arcade in Dublin where it serves its range of fruit and milk based Bubble Tea.

In a few short weeks the business has developed a cult following for its teas which come served in sealed cups with large straws to allow drinkers to suck up the key ingredient, chewy tapioca pearls.  Celebrity fans include Amy Huberman, Kathryn Thomas and George Hook who have all been pictured sipping the new ‘must have’drink.

All teas are vegetarian friendly and lactose free using only natural plant extracts.  They are also available as vegan friendly and sugar free options.

Although hugely popular in Asia where there are such shops on every street corner, Bubble Tea has been relatively unheard of here in Ireland until now. The company also has the support of the Taiwanese ambassador who is a regular customer.

Spokesperson  for Bubblicity, Karl Mulvee  says they are overwhelmed with the response to the product which has already attracted a huge number of loyal fans.

‘In the current climate we are thrilled that this Irish brand is defying the negative economic outlook’